118th Anniversary


More than a business... A big family

Chocolateria 1902 is the oldest original family in Spain making churros since 1902, with 5 generations of family ownership.

The products of Chocolateria 1902 are known throughout Spain for their high quality, excellent taste and best selection of natural ingredients.

Our Tradition: Our churros and porras are handmade the same way Don Florencio (1st Generation) did back in 1902. We also recently introduced the first freshly made gluten free churros in Spain.

Chocolate 1902: Our chocolates are hand selected from 3 different countries in South America just for your palate. We blended them together in a secret formula made by 5th generation owner Juan Gabriel.

Coffee: For coffee lovers we have 100% Arabico Natural coffee surely to please your taste.

Flowers: An authentic product of the prior generations. A favorite among our family and made fresh daily, be sure to give them a try. Choose from chocolate, honey or sugar cinnamon.

Pestiño: Fine, crunchy and covered with high quality honey, these treats are made by M.Carmen, the mother of the 5th Generation.

Our Pastry: The most daring should try our churros covered in chocolate. Fried and dipped to perfection.

Family: All of our products are made under the supervision of the 5th generation, come and give us try 365 days per year!

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Welcome to Madrid!

The best chocolate and churros you can find! A secret recipe known passed down for over 5 generations.

Los artesanos 1902 is the original family restaurant. It all starts with flour, water and a dash of salt. The churros are hand made and the dough is kneaded until it reaches the perfect density.

After each batch, the 'churrero' takes the dough and places it into the forming machine. He heats up fresh frying oil and begins forming churros in the pan. It only takes a few minutes to make the churros, but the same recipie has been around for over 115 years.

You can tell the churros apart from their bigger brothers, porras. The porras are made in the same way, but use a slightly larger machine that makes them crunchier and puffier. After selecting your choice of churros or porras you can then choose from a variety of chocolate.

Pick your Chocolate

The family takes great pride in making sure your experience is the best during your time in Madrid. Choose from one of the many chocolates, with or without sugar and be sure to dip the churros! It is okay to use your hands, it is a family restaurant and besides, there really is no other way to eat them.

Take the time to look around the restaurant and you will find old photos of the family. Learn about their history and even pick up a few chocolate bars for the journey home.