118th Anniversary


It all started in 1902...

The oldest family in Spain, making churros since 1902. Los Artesanos 1902 has been handed down over 4 generations to creator Don Gabi, his wife Carmen their children and now grandchildren. This year marks their 115th anniversary and with two newborns, makes them the oldest family of 'churreros' in Spain. Their timeless 'Madrilenian' recipe is passed down from parents to children, with love in every bite. In 1902 the great grandfather of Don Gabi went by the name of Don Florencio. He opened the doors of the first 'churreria' on Calle Ave Maria, where he taught his son Don Galo, the father Don Gabi.

Once he perfected the art, he began selling churros and porras on the streets of Madrid. He made a burner with his own hands and would heat the oil with wood and coal. Slowly but surely they began to grow and with the help of his wife Doña Ana and their children, their hospitality filled Madrid. As time passed Don Gabi and his wife Doña Carmen taught their children the secret recipe which they still use until this day. Los Artesanos 1902 uses original methods and they vow to never lose the tradition of serving the best handmade churros, porras and chocolate, in Spain. Take the time to say hello to Don Gabi, Carmen and their three children, Juan, Hector and Alba. Their two grandchildren Noa and Zoe are always around. Welcome to Madrid and Welcome to the family!

Family photo album 1902

Doña Ana and her son Don Gabi

Don Gabi at 8 years old, fourth generation eating churros with his mother Doña Ana

The Churreria 1965

In this photo you can see the pestiños on the bar, along with churros and porras, and member of the family. Doña Ana is in the center of the photograph and on the right is her son Don Gabi (4th Generation) at age 5.

Year 1977

Don Gabi the 4th generation is teaching his aprentices on how to make churros

Don Felix 2nd Generation

Don Felix with his son Don Galo (3rd Generation) and Doña Ana in 1949

Don Gabi 1974

Don Gabi at age 14 and his mother Ana, in the foto you can see our famous flowers, churros and fries

3rd & 4th Generation

In this foto you can see on the right Doña MªCarmen the inventor of the Pestino, wife of Don Gabi. In the center Doña Ana next to Don Gabi. Featured in the front are our famous churros filled with cream.

2nd and 4th Generation

In the center Don Felix and on the right Doña Ana and her son Don Gabi 1963

In 1951

En the front you can see Don Galo drying off churros and Doña Ana with members of the family.

5th Generation

J.Gabriel 5ª generation making buñelos for the festival of Fallas in Valencia, Spain.


On the left Doña Ana and in the center Don Galo and his son Don Gabi at age 2.

5ª Generation

J.Gabriel with his girlfriend Mirian, working together just like the prior 4 generations.

1958 Event

Doña Ana and her little sister supervise an outdoor event


Enjoying Life


Doña Ana y Don Galo at their wedding.

Doña Ana

Making churros in a different fashion using very hot water from a metal jar. The process mixes hot oil and water, very dangerous!

3rd Generation

Don Galo portrait

Plaza Mayor Madrid

Don Galo and Doña Ana at Christmas time. They would spend their free time at plaza Jacinto Benavente with their son Don Gabi. Now they have a new location at Calle San Martin, 2

Taking a break

Doña Ana and Don Galo taking a break after a hard day of work.

Spain 1945

Don Galo stands in the center of the photo with Doña Ana sitting down tired after working all morning and afternoon.

Birth of the 3rd Generation

1960 Don Gabi in his stroller